Client Agreement

Scope of Services

Oceanview Pools, LLC provides the following services:

Weekly Service

  • Maintenance of chlorine, alkalinity, pH, and conditioner levels at levels prescribed by the relevant authorities, both industry and Government.
  • Skimming of the surface of the pool, spa, or other water feature to remove floating debris.
  • Brushing of the tile line and the walls of pool, spa, or other water feature.
  • Vacuuming or leaf-bagging of the floor of the pool, spa, or other water feature, as needed.
  • Notification of potential or actual problems as observed (e.g., imminent equipment failure).
  • Additional weekly service visits as requested.


  • If a scheduled service day falls on an observed holiday, then the pool, spa, or other water feature will be serviced on the next weekly service visit.
  • If a scheduled service day falls on a day with inclement weather (i.e., rain or dry lightning), then the pool, spa, or other water feature will be serviced on the next weekly visit in accordance with safety concerns.
  • Oceanview Pools takes one (1) week of vacation per year, between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
    • No account will ever be skipped two weeks in a row.
    • Arrangements may be made in advance for accounts which require service during this yearly vacation.

Items Included in Monthly Fee

  • Standard chemicals
  • Repair technician visits to assess maintenance issues
  • Random visits by a route manager to ensure proper servicing
  • Preparation and submission of estimates for repair or remodel work
  • All items under Weekly Service, supra

Items Not Included in Monthly Fee

  • Specialty chemicals, if needed
  • Chlorine tabs, if needed
  • Repair or replacement of parts or equipment
  • Draining or refilling of the pool, spa, or other water feature
  • Filter cleaning (biannual)
  • Additional weekly service visits

Client Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of an appropriate water level
    • Upon request, Oceanview Pools will install an automatic fill line.
  • Maintenance of the equipment area
    • Equipment must remain accessible and any structure(s) in good repair.
  • Maintenance of landscape around the pool, spa, or other water feature
    • Trees, bushes, and other foliage should remain trimmed and away from the pool, spa, or other water feature.
  • Timely payment of invoices
    • The default payment term for Oceanview Pools is net 30.
    • A late fee of 1.5% of the invoice amount or $25, whichever is greater, may be assessed against any invoice which is more than sixty (60) days past the invoice date.

Consent to Charges

By continuing service with Oceanview Pools, Client consents to any and all charges for repairs, specialty chemicals, or other work, services, or products as are considered necessary by Oceanview Pools. Except in the event of an emergency, charges which exceed one thousand dollars ($1000) must be pre-approved by Client, unless Client has configured an automatic, recurring payment, then such limit is raised to two thousand five hundred dollars ($2500).

Consent to Increases in Monthly Fee

In order to keep pace with inflation and business costs, Oceanview Pools raises monthly fees once every other year, and additionally as needed. Client hereby consents to such raises in the monthly fee. Raises are typically modest, and are generally less than ten percent (10%) of the existing monthly fee amount for any given account.

Consent to Use of Photographs for Advertising/Other Purposes

Client consents to the use of photographs of Client’s property, house, or water feature(s) for advertising or other use by Oceanview Pools. Any photographs so used will have identifying metadata removed and will be used merely to showcase the services offered by Oceanview Pools.

Payment Processing Fees

Oceanview Pools accepts payment via credit card and ACH (aka “echeck”). Payment via credit card is subject to a fee of 2.9% of the total amount of the payment + 30¢ per transaction. Payment via ACH is subject to a fee of 0.8% of the total amount of the payment. These fees are automatically added (and their amounts displayed) when using the payment forms on the Oceanview Pools website. All automatic, recurring payments will be subject to these fees started 01 April 2018.