What's Included?

Our standard service plan includes weekly stops by a service technician. During these stops, the technician will test and balance your water chemistry (chlorine, pH, and conditioner); skim the surface, brush the sides and tile, and vacuum or leaf bag the bottom; and visually inspect your equipment for any issues. Additionally, we test for advanced water chemistry on a monthly basis (e.g., total dissolved solids, total alkalinity, and phosphates). Standard chemicals are included in the monthly fee.

Why Oceanview Pools?

You have a lot of options when it comes to service for your pool, spa, or other water feature. So why should you choose Oceanview Pools?

While there may be a lot of options, there are very few good ones. Enforcement of health and safety regulations in the pool industry is very lax, and many service companies take advantage of this. We categorically do not. We hold $3,000,000 in aggregate liability insurance through IPSSA, our employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, we rigorously train on everything from proper water chemistry to equipment diagnostics, and we hold both a health license from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health a C53 general contractor’s license from the California State Contractors License Board (a contractor’s license is required in California for any repair totalling more than $500). We’ve been in this industry for nearly thirty years, and we can confidently say we offer the best service available.

$100 is our standard price. Your pool, spa, or water feature may be more. We take everything into account when we price our service. Things like a lot of leafy trees and high usage may raise the price. When you click “Contact Us”, you’ll be taken to our contact form. From there, we’ll set up an appointment to come and take a look at your water feature. Once we’ve had a chance to check things over, we’ll be able to offer you a quote on the spot and commence service with a handshake or we can send out a formal proposal. The choice is yours.

Premium Service Plans

In addition to our standard service plan, we also offer three premium service plans (i.e., “Silver”, “Gold”, and “Diamond”). These premium service plans include things like equipment repair (Gold) and even equipment replacement (Diamond). We created these plans for clients who want an all-inclusive service package. The standard service plan has additional charges (e.g., filter cleaning, conditioner, and speciality chemicals), the premium service plans typically do not. Take a look at the chart, infra, to see what each of our premium service plans includes.

Have a Question?

We’re always happy to hear from clients. Whether you’re a current client or a prospective client, give us a call or send us an email today. We’ll answer any questions you might have.